Want to learn Music Production, Here is

Introduction to Music Production, Learn Basics of Logic Pro x, Understand working and features of any DAW, Explore Production and Start making your own songs.

Duration: 1 months
Course fee: 54400 (INCL GST)
CLASS DAYS: Weekdays (mon-wed-fri)
Total classes: 12
Software: logic pro x
Requirements: None

Class 1:

Introduction to DAW Signal Flow
History of Recording
Bit Depth – Sample Rate

Class 2:

Interface of Logic

Monitoring Modes
Soundcards [Clocking]
Metronome settings
Setting up Tracks
Difference between Audio and MIDI

Clips Regions and Loops

Editing Clips and Regions
Understand and manipulating Rhythm,

Metre, Time and Tempo of a track

Changing Subdivisions for more detailed editing
Saving and Exporting Your Track

Class 3:

Software Instruments
Logic’s Instruments
Logic’s Mixer Channel Recording a MIDI performance Using Split and Merge Grouping Tracks

Using Markers
Quantizing MIDI (Advanced Quantization) Piano Roll and Hyper Draw
Transposing MIDI manually and by shortcuts
Hiding Tracks
Mute/Solo/Record Switches

Class 4:

Understanding Different Types of Effects Modulation Effects

Amps and Pedals Metering


Class 5:

Concept of Aux and Sends Understanding Different Types of Effects Bussing of Effects and Signal Flow within the daw.

Class 6:

Tap Tempo
Recording Audio
Making and Using Comp Tracks Overdubbing
Fade in and Fade Out
Speed up and Speed Down Trimming and Strip Silence

Class 7:

Audio Functions Sample Editor
Time and Pitch Machine Flex and its Modes Editing Key Commands

Class 8:

Accessing Parameters Through Automation Menu
Automation of Effects (Delay, Phasers, etc…) Automation of Filters to make builds Automation Modes – Off Read Touch Latch Write
Editing Automation
Adding Removing Break Points

Class 9:

Beat production with Ultra beat

Class 10:

Understanding Sampling and the Logic Sampler EX24

Class 11:

Understanding Midi Effects Arpeggiator
Chord Trigger

Note Repeater Randomizer Scripter Transposer Velocity Processor

Time and Tempo of a track Changing Subdivisions for more detailed editing
Saving and Exporting Your Track

Class 12:

Global Tracks Arrangement Marker Signature Tempo Transposition Beat mapping

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